Technical Specifications

The complete technical specifications of the vehicle commanded by Michael Wittmann, the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E

General Details
CrewFive (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Bow Machine Gunner/Radio Operator)
Hull length6.3m (20.66ft)
Length, gun forward8.45m (27.7ft)
Width, combat tracks fitted3.72m (12.2ft)
Width, transport tracks fitted3.14m (10.3ft)
Height3.0m (9.8ft)
Weight, transport50.5 tonnes (49.7 tons)
Weight, combat57 tonnes (56 tons)
Ground pressure, combat tracks1.04kg/ (14.8psi)
Ground pressure, transport tracks1.43kg/ (20.4psi)
Ground clearance0.47m (1.5ft)
Fording depth, no preparation1.6m (5.24ft)
Fording depth, prepared4m (13.1ft)
Maximum gradient70%
Maximum trench crossing2.5m (8.2ft)
Maximum step climbing0.8m (2.6ft)
Pz. Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E, side profile
Pz. Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E, side profile
Suspension and Drive System
Suspension typeTransverse torsion bars
Number of roadwheel setsSixteen (eight per side)
Roadwheel sets per torsion barOne
Roadwheels per setThree, with outer set removable; later two
Return rollersNone
Wheel size800x75mm (31.5x2.95in.)
TyresRubber/composite rubber-steel
Engine and Performance
Powerplant typeMaybach HL230 P45 petrol
Configuration4-stroke V12 at 60 degrees; SOHC per bank
ValvesTwo per cylinder; sodium-cooled in exhaust
MaterialCast-aluminium crackcase and block; cast-iron heads
Nominal output700hp (522kW) at 3000rpm
Nominal efficiency30.4hp/litre
Power/weight ratio (combat mode)12.3hp/tonne
Capacity23,095cc (1,410 cu. in.)
Bore130mm (5.118 in.)
Stroke145mm (5.709 in.)
Compression ratio6:8:1
AspirationFour twin-choke Solex type 52JFF
Crankshaft bearingsSeven, roller type
Lubrication systemDry sump; two scavenger pumps, one pressure pump
Oil capacity28 litres (6.16 UK gallons/7.4 US gallons)
Coolant typeLiquid, fan-assisted
Coolant capacity75 litres (16.5 UK gallons/19.8 US gallons)
Fuel capacity540 litres (118.8 UK gallons/142 US gallons)
Nominal range, road195km (120 miles)
Nominal range, cross-country110km (68 miles)
Nominal maximum speed45.4kph (28mph); 38kph (23mph) with engine limited to 2500rpm
Average sustained road speed40kph (25mph)
Average sustained cross-country speed20kph (12.5mph)
Transmission typeOLVAR hydraulically actuated pre-selector gearbox, 8 forward, 4 reverse speeds, hydraulically actuated clutch
Final driveEpicyclic
Drive sprocketFront
Pz. Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E, bird’s eye profile
Pz. Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E, bird’s eye profile
Maximum Speed in Gears
1st2.8kph (1.8mph)
2nd4.3kph (2.7mph)
3rd6.2kph (3.8mph)
4th9.2kph (5.7mph)
5th14.1kph (8.7mph)
6th20.9kph (13mph)
7th30.5kph (18.9mph)
8th45.4kph (28mph)
1st reverse2.8kph (1.8mph)
2nd reverse4.3kph (2.7mph)
3rd reverse6.2kph (3.8mph)
4th reverse9.2kph (5.7mph)
Steering and Armament Details
Steering typeWheel-controlled hydraulically operated regenerative; emergency steering by differential braking
Minimum turning radius3.44m (11.28ft)
Maximum turning radius165m (525ft)
Main armament88mm L/56 KwK rifled cannon
Main armament ammunition92 rounds (field-modified to 106/120 rounds in some cases)
Main armament ammunition typeArmour-piercing (AP), AP/tungsten core, high-explosive (HE) and HE hollow-charge (HEAT)
Muzzle Velocity600m/sec. (HE); 773m/sec. (AP); 930m/sec. (AP/tungsten core)
Effective Range3000m (AP); 5000m (HE)
Secondary armamentTwo 7.92mm MG34 machine guns; one co-axially mounted, one flexibly mounted in hull-front
Ancilliary armamentOne 7.92mm MG34 machine gun (optional); six smoke dischargers (later removed); three 92mm bomb/grenade launchers (later removed); one 9mm MP38/MP40 machine pistol; 9mm P38 pistols
Secondary ammunition5100 rounds (34 belts of 150 rounds)
Pz. Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E, front/rear profile
Pz. Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. H/E, front/rear profile
Armour and Protection
ArmourRolled homogenous nickel-steel plate; electro-welded interlocking-plate construction (dimensions are nominal)
Hull front100mm (3.94in.)
Hull side (upper)80mm (3.15in.)
Hull side (lower)60mm (2.36in.)
Hull rear80mm (3.15in.)
Hull top25mm (0.98in.)
Hull bottom25mm (0.98in.)
Turret front100mm (3.94in.)
Mantlet120mm (4.72in)
Turret sides80mm (3.15in.)
Turret rear80mm (3.15in.)
Turret top25mm/40-45mm (0.98in./1.57-1.77in.)
Cannon manoeuvrability
Turret traverse methodHydraulic/manual
Traverse rateSix degrees/sec.
Elevation methodManual
Elevation range+17 to -6.5 degrees

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