The Author

Rick D. JoshuaThe author of, Rick D. Joshua, is both a web designer and amateur military historian, and has used both of these two elements to create this site.

In addition to he has also designed and written other Second World War and historical websites, including, a site dedicated to the history of the famous U-Boat U-47 and “The Bull of Scapa Flow” – its skipper Günther Prien, and Das Kehlsteinhaus, an historical overview and English-language information guide to Hitler’s Mountain Teehaus on the Kehlstein mountain in Bavaria. All of these sites have been running for more than a decade, and have received positive reviews from all sides.

In addition to writing historical web sites for no other reason but to share this information with the rest of the world, Rick has created a number of other web creations as a freelance web designer and developer; he has designed sites for companies ranging from business consultancies and IT developers through to sign makers and garden centres, and also runs the encyclopaedic Schwarz und Weiß, an ongoing history of the Nationalmannschaft – the German national football team.

Rick lives with his girlfriend Caroline in London, England, and amongst other things is busy working on her site, a portfolio of hand-painted glassware, cards and gifts – some of which is available through this site. While trying to juggle all of this, Rick is also in the process of compiling the research materials for his first book – which will either be a parallel biography of Günther Prien and Michael Wittmann or a potted statistical history of the Nationalmannschaft.

His very limited spare time is spent travelling, reading, filling the blanks in his stamp collection and following FC Bayern München and the Springboks.

The Story of Michael Wittmann