On this site you will find what is arguably the most comprehensive biography of Michael Wittmann available on the Internet, from his life and career and early days on his father’s farm in Bavaria through to his becoming one of the most famous and highly decorated soldiers in Germany during the Second World War. This section of the site has been divided into ten main categories:

  • Michael Wittmann’s early career, which covers the period from his birth in Vogelthal in 1914 and time on the family farm to his joining the Reichsarbeitsdienst in the early 1930s and then the fledgling Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler in 1937.
  • An overview of Wittmann’s developing career in the LSSAH and his role as an armoured scout car commander during the first campaigns between 1939 and 1941 in Poland, France, the Balkans and Greece.
  • Wittmann’s first postings with the Leibstandarte to the Eastern Front during 1941-42 where he took command of the reliable StuG III assault gun following the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941.
  • After his first long spell on the Eastern Front, Wittmann returned back home to Germany for officer training at the Junkerschule Bad Tölz – after which he would begin the second half of his career in the Leibstandarte.
  • Wittmann’s first tour of Russia as a Tiger commander, covering the period from 1942-43 including his involvement during Operation “Zitadelle” at Kursk – the greatest armoured battle in history – as a commander of the Tiger I.
  • Wittmann’s final tour of the Soviet Union during 1943-44, which saw his being awarded the coveted Ritterkreuz and quickly become one of Germany’s most successful and popular Panzer commanders.
  • The campaign in Normandy 1944, which was to witness Wittmann’s greatest and most famous feat of arms in around the town of Villers-Bocage on the morning of 13th June 1944.
  • Wittmann’s final campaign in August 1944, culminating in his final battle near the village of St. Aignan-de-Cramesnil in Normandy during the Allies’ Operation “Totalize”.
  • A portrait of the large German military cemetery at La Cambe near Isigny-sur-Mer in Normandy, where Michael Wittmann and the crew of Tiger 007 were finally laid to rest.
  • A concise summary of Michael Wittmann’s illustrious career in the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, including an illustrated historical timeline of key events, major awards and decorations.

The Story of Michael Wittmann