In the “Extras” section you will find a number of things that will enhance your “Michael Wittmann experience”, from a concise guide to the history of the Knight’s Cross or Ritterkreuz and places to see through to a selection of books available on Amazon and our famous Panzerace.net divisional beer mugs.

The guide to the Ritterkreuz provides an overview of the famous German military decoration, including the three grades awarded to Michael Wittmann in the Second World War.

It has been almost seventy years since the end of the Second World War, but there are still many interesting places to see to enhance your knowledge of Michael Wittmann and the Panzers by “following in their tracks”. From Villers-Bocage in Normandy to the remote town of Prokhorovka in Western Russia, you will find details here on how to get there and what to see.

Made famous by the Daily Mail in 2009, one of the collection of seven Divisional Beer Mugs is the perfect way to enjoy a cold brew and at the same time support the maintenance and running of the website. The hefty pint mugs are adorned with the seven shields of the premier Waffen-SS Panzer Divisions – all lovingly hand-painted – and every toast is made with a resounding clunk.

The Story of Michael Wittmann