Order of Battle

This section contains the complete order of battle for all of the Tiger formations in which Michael Wittmann served, from his command of a Panzer III as part of the Light Platoon of the 4th (Heavy) Company in early 1943 through to his service in the 101st SS Panzer Battalion, of which he assumed command in the summer of 1944.

Each of the four listings are taken as at the time of initial formation; during the campaign commanders would often switch from tank to tank, dependent on the mechanical readiness of the available vehicles. Experienced commanders could end up commanding two or more tanks during the course of a campaign: for instance during the Normandy battles of 1944 Michael Wittmann commanded four Tigers – his assigned vehicle 205, Kurt Sowa’s 222, Heinz Belbe’s 231, and the batallion command vehicle 007 following his replacement of the wounded Heinz von Westernhagen.

At the time of their initial formation in early 1943 and for the remainder of that year the Leibstandarte Tiger units were of company strength, with the company divided into a number of platoons comprised of four or five vehicles. Prior to the campaign in France the following year, these units were upgraded to battalion strength – with the battalion being divided into three component companies which in turn would consist of three platoons of five vehicles each.


Order of Battle of the 4th (Heavy) Company, SS Pz. Rgt. LSSAH as at 01.02.1943
Order of Battle of the 13th (Heavy) Company, SS Pz. Rgt. LSSAH as at 05.07.1943
Order of Battle of the 13th (Heavy) Company, SS Pz. Rgt. LSSAH as at 02.11.1943
Order of Battle of the 101st (Heavy) SS Panzer Battalion as at 06.06.1944

[Source: Patrick Agte, Michael Wittmann and the Panzer Commanders of the Leibstandarte]

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