Press & Publicity

Since its initial launch at the end of the 1990s, the Panzer Ace site has continued to develop and grow, culminating in this latest revamp and release to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Michael Wittmann. Over the years, I have been contacted by a number of third parties for information about the Leibstandarte’s most well-known Tiger commander, from writers and fellow researchers through to journalists and armoured warfare enthusiasts from all around the globe.

While most of the publicity has been good, there has also been the odd piece of negative publicity – such as the scurrilous article published in the Mail Online in 2009. Even this would have a positive effect in the end as it would direct a lot more visitors, some of whom have since become good friends and supporters of the site.


Guide Booklets for Forces of Valor 1/16 Scale Tiger I 222, “Michael Wittmann’s assault on Villers-Bocage”
Guide Booklet for Forces of Valor 1/16 Scale Tiger I 007, “Michael Wittmann’s Final Battle”
DVD Partwork “Weapons of War: Waffen-SS”
Mail Online article, 3rd June 2009

The Story of Michael Wittmann