Swords Telegram

A copy of the personal telegraph message sent to Michael Wittmann from the Führer Headquarters on behalf of Adolf Hitler, confirming the award of the Oakleaves with Swords (Eichenlaub mit Schwertern) on 23rd June 1944. The message was drafted and dated on 22nd June, and transmitted the following day.

Swords Telegram
Personal telegram from Hitler confirming the award of Michael Wittmann’s Oakleaves with Swords, 23rd June 1944

Handwritten sections, apart from German terms in translation notes, are indicted using italics.

Section 1


Number: 1545/1739
Transmission: 1./SS-N. A. 101 / Clearance 1st SS Panzer Corps [stamped]
Received or Recorded: From: CWXIFU. Day: 23.6. Time: 1545. Via: [illegible]

Section 2


FFR-WOSF Number 1544 23/6/44 1300.
To General Command 1st SS Panzer Corps “LSSAH” for the commander of the 2nd Heavy SS-Panzer Battalion 101, SS-Obersturmbannführer Michael Wittmann


In view of your continued and proven heroism I award you as the 71st soldier of the German Armed Forces, the Oakleaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.
Adolf Hitler
Führer Headquarters[Note 1], 22 June 1944


Note 1. F. H. QU., Führerhauptquartier

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