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Here you will find a selection of links to a number of interesting related sites, as well as a number of other interesting WW2 and historical sites. All links have been checked, though this site is not responsible either for dead links or the content of linked sites, all of which will open in a new browser window. If you would like to link your site to, just drop us a short message on the Contact page or through our Facebook group.

  • Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. (German War Graves Commission) The official site of the VDK, with information on all the German war graves across Europe and the rest of the world, and funding details.url:
  • The Axis History Factbook A comprehensive and highly objective site covering all aspects of the history of the Third Reich, from the leading personalities and battle histories through to the discussion of militaria and scale modelling. It includes a number of sections on the Waffen-SS formations.url:
  • Animatronics, Tiger Tank E A site geared to all Tiger enthusiasts around the world, especially those who might want to reenact Villers-Bocage in their back yards! Thaddeusch Vogel is an expert in scale modelling, with one of his creations being an absolutely stunning 1/10th scale model of the Tiger I Ausf. E.url:
  • Armor Art by Jody Harmon A wonderful collection of high-quality arms and armour prints, by professional military artist Jody Harmon. His collection includes an exclusive Michael Wittmann print, featuring Wittmann as an SS-Hauptsturmführer and the famous Tiger Nr. 205.url:
  • Lone Sentry An excellent documentary resource including unpublished photos and rare documents from the author’s private collection, along with U.S. intelligence reports on German panzers.url:
  • Panzers of the Reich Informative site dedicated to the men and vehicles of the German Armed Forces of the Second World War. Contains an excellent image gallery.url:
  • Informative, well laid out site serving the UK Axis reenactment community. Contains and excellent image gallery and a very active bulletin board.url:
  • Model Hobby Nicely-designed Polish-based site and shop dedicated to scale military models from ships and tanks to ‘planes and trains. Excellently laid out in four languages – Polish, English, German and French.url:
  • One35th Modeling A truly information-packed site dedicated to 1/35th scale military modelling – an excellent and well presented information resource.url:
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