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Following the scurrilous article in the Daily Mail - a press organ obsessed with what would otherwise be non-stories about the Second World War in general and the Nazis in particular - please read this FAQ about the Panzer Ace site.

A comprehensive point-by-point rebuttal of the article can be found here.

Michael WittmannMICHAEL WITTMANN (1914-1944), proud son of the Bavarian village of Vogelthal and winner of the coveted Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords, has to go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, exponent of the art of armoured warfare in the modern era.

During his many campaigns both on the Eastern front and in the West, Wittmann was to make a name for himself with his exceptional skill and bravery, and was highly respected both by friend and foe alike. While his skill had been recognised on the harsh battlefields on the Eastern Front, his exploits during the Normandy campaign of 1944 - and the famous assault at Villers-Bocage - were to elevate him to the status of a legend.

This site is dedicated to this matchless warrior, who like many others in the Waffen-SS has been posthumously tarred with the sweeping brush wielded at the Nürnberg courts. It is part of an attempt not to whitewash the wartime record of the Waffen-SS nor rehabilitate the ideology on which it was founded, but to bring the contemporary historical record in line with the facts. Michael Wittmann, like the vast majority of his compatriots in the Waffen-SS, had nothing to do with war crimes or atrocities: he was simply a soldier like any other - Ein Soldat wie die Anderen auch.

This site is an historical resource, and as such is not representative of any political persuasion or ideology. It is dedicated to all of the victims of the Second World War, among them Michael Wittmann and his crew.

Ihr Panzerkommandant
Rick D. Joshua

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